Well being with closeness to nature

Well being with
closeness to nature

Come into our relaxing world and enjoy. With nature right outside you will find peace, balance, and new energy.

Spa experience with a view...

Everyone is welcome at Skarsnuten’s spa. You will find well-being for all, in a lovely atmosphere – close to nature.

Together with friends, your partner, family, work – or alone – you enjoy great experiences and fantastic views. Whether you choose one of the saunas, foot baths, experience showers, jacuzzi, or ice baths, we guarantee lowered shoulders and replenishment of energy. If you want to take your well-being to the next level, choose one of our personalized spa treatments. We only use brands with nature’s own extracts, and our professional therapists make the experience something completely special, just for you.

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Spa opening hours & price-list

Monday – Sunday



10:00–14:00 (10-year limit accompanied by an adult)


14:00–18:00 (16-year-old age limit accompanied by an adult)


18:00–22:00 (16-year-old age limit accompanied by an adult)

Please note that unfortunately, we cannot accept children under the age of 10 in the spa department.

Price spa:

NOK 195 for hotel guests.

NOK 295 for those who do not stay at the hotel, access to fitness included. When booking a treatment, access to the spa before the treatment is included. We will of course provide a bathrobe, towel and slippers while you are here.

“Spa yourself” kit:

NOK 195 includes 5 pcs. C/O Gerd small size products with ritual instruction.

Inside the spa facility we have:

1 Jacuzzi.

1 Cold bath.

2 Foot bath.

1 Finnish sauna.

1 Steam sauna.

3 Various experience showers.

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Fitness opening hours

Monday – Sunday


Hotel guests have free access to our Fitness gym. For guests in the day spa, a visit to the Fitness department is included. Age limit: There is a 15-year age limit in the fitness gym.


A tailored facial treatment with pure and organic products that utilize the power of advanced pre- and probiotics to improve the microbial balance on the skin. The skin therapist tailors the treatment with products adapted to your unique skin type and skin condition. Experience benefits such as stress relief, increased collagen production, reduced inflammation as well as more moisture in the skin, and a stronger skin barrier.

The ultimate treatment for your skin. This probiotic experience is of the highest class and has been developed to be firming, balancing, moisturizing and anti-inflammatory. Healthy bacteria are a key factor for optimal effectiveness so that skin aging slows down over time. The skin therapist tailors the treatment with products adapted to your unique skin type and skin condition. The treatment includes our lifting massage which enhances the treatment result and promotes total relaxation.

A masculine treatment adapted to the man’s skin type and needs. Cleanse, peeling, serum, and mask including neck and shoulder massage.

Do you struggle with skin problems such as eczema, pigmentation, acne, rosacea, early skin aging or dry skin – then this treatment and coaching are for you. Here we see the body as a whole where everything is connected. Not just what we add to the skin, but how you feel on the inside, how your stomach, intestines and organs feel. The skin is the body’s largest detection organ, it tells when something is not right inside the body. In advance of the treatment, we send you a lifestyle-related questionnaire that you fill in before you come for treatment. During the treatment, we take pictures of the face and tongue, and ask certain questions to see how we can best help you and your body so that you get radiant skin. You get a tailored facial treatment that suits your skin exactly, and after the treatment you get customized tools that you can work with further. Extended coaching can be booked and carried out online.

A quick and effective treatment that makes the skin ready for dinner. The treatment includes superficial micro needling with a customized peel and mask. The skin becomes glowing and ready for the evening.

The ultimate treatment where we save nothing. Do you want to work on signs of aging, fine lines, wrinkles, tightening, lack of glow, uneven skin tones, and blemishes? Here you get personalized micro needling after a skin analysis, peeling, and mask, as well as a relaxing neck, shoulder, and scalp massage.

When booking 4 Dermapen treatments, you get 50% off the 5th treatment.

A relaxing foot treatment with a magnesium-rich foot bath, scrub and foot massage that increases circulation in tired feet, after a day in the mountains. In addition, you get a relaxing scalp and hand massage. Pedicures and medical foot treatment are not included in the treatment.

A restorative treatment with real clay that relieves, softens and gives new life to tired muscles and lifeless skin. The green clay has a cleansing effect on the skin and body. To get the most out of our famous clay, the body is first polished with body scrub and then the warm green clay is applied. While you enjoy this warm body wrap, you get a face and scalp massage. The treatment ends with a light body massage and moisturizer.

A delicious and luxurious body treatment! We effectively remove dead skin cells with apricot kernels and mullets, which increases circulation in the body. The treatment ends with a light body massage and moisturizer. You will leave here with softer and firmer skin with more life.

A customized facial with products adapted to your unique skin type and condition, including a relaxing facial massage. We effectively remove dead skin cells on the body with apricot kernels and mullets, which increase circulation in the body. Ends with the application of oil and moisturizer, as well as a relaxing scalp and hand massage. You will leave here with softer and firmer skin with more life, and feeling total relaxation.

Gentle and comfortable treatment adapted to your needs. Foot scrub, foot bath and foot, and calf massage. Customized back and neck massage. Lovely arm and hand massage. Ends with a scalp massage.

Effective facial treatment with cleaning and peeling. We boost the skin with lots of moisture which contributes to a wonderful glow on the face. Also included is coloring of eyelashes and eyebrows.

A relaxing, calm, and pleasant full-body massage – perfect for you with stiff and sore muscles.

Facial cleansing followed by a lifting massage of the face, neck and scalp promotes total relaxation.

A calming massage with gentle movments, helping children cope with stresses of growing and physical activity.

Are you a group of 4-12 people? Maybe a bachelor party or just a wonderful weekend with girlfriends. Then we can recommend you book this mini-course for the face. Together with a therapist, you will learn how to do a facial treatment on yourself. Not only is it educational, but your skin will thank you. In addition, we promise that it will be fun!

For booking, send an email to sara@skarsnutenhotel.no


    Sara Winblad

    Spa manager & skin therapist

    My name is Sara, and I work at Skarsnuten Hotel as a spa manager and skin therapist.

    I have always had a great interest in skin and health, and in how we can make the skin shine. After many years as an active athlete in various sports, and as a mother of two children, my interest in elasticity and the aging of the body has occupied me more and more. What actually affects our aging?

    I am a qualified skin therapist with an international exam, have training as a lifestyle coach and in Holistic Health. For me, everything is connected – if we have imbalances in any way in life or in the body, it will show on the skin. My expertise lies precisely here, this is something I’m really passionate about.

    I moved to Hemsedal in autumn 2021 with my family. We dreamed of getting closer to nature, the mountains and the fresh air. We wanted to get out of the hamster wheel at home in Sweden, and get more out of life. Hemsedal is magical in many ways – you can experience the presence of nature and its calming power, whether skiing or hiking.

    You are most welcome to book your treatment with us at Skarsnuten!

    /Sara Winblad

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