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On a mountain shelf at 1000 meters altitidue, with a panoramic view of Hemsedal and the mountains, you will find Skarsnuten Hotel.

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Rooms & Apartments

We can offer four different types of rooms: Single, Double, Suite and De Luxe rooms. If you need more space we can also offer Skarsnuten Apartments.

Ski Out

Hemsedal Ski Center is our closest neighbor, where you can enjoy the resort’s 48 trails, 20 lifts and several terrain parks. Skarsnuten Hotel has ski-out, with private slopes and a ski lift to the ski center right outside the hotel. The chairlift operates during weekends and holidays. (week 8,9 and 13)  There is also a free of charge ski bus several times a day, that can take you from different places in Hemsedal to Skarsnuten, and vice versa. Welcome.

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Bar & Restaurant

Enjoy a meal and the “best view in town”, settle for afterski at the height and end the day with tasty drinks in good company.

Business & Pleasure

At Skarsnuten we are great at customizing events to make it suit you or your group.  We have 37 rooms in the hotel and 20 apartments that can be used as hotel rooms.

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Experience the view and the atmosphere at Skarsnuten.

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