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On a mountain shelf at 1000 meters altitidue, with a panoramic view of Hemsedal and the mountains, you will find Skarsnuten Hotel.

Skarsnuten Hotel

Skarsnuten Hotel in Hemsedal is a boutique hotel built in stone and glass, with 37 rooms, conference facilities and its own bar & restaurant. The hotel is majestically located, with orchestra seats to the most beautiful views and Hemsedal ski center as the nearest neighbor. Miles of mountain scenery are ready to be explored and experienced, and with Skarsnuten Hotel as a starting point, the adventure begins right outside the door. Skarsnuten Hotel is a mountain hotel for the adult guests, where food, drink and atmosphere are at the center of a pleasant stay.

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Autumn plans?

Skarsnuten Hotel offers accommodation in apartments and at the hotel this autumn. Hemsedal in cracking colors is worth a visit. Welcome

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Good summer

The summer has arrived in the mountains, and we wish you welcome. Read about opening hours and what we have to offer this summer. Welcome!

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Rooms & Apartments

We can offer four types of rooms in the hotel: single room, double room, deluxe room and suite. The 37 rooms have a view of Hemsedal and / or the ski center, have plenty of space, a desk and a large bathroom. If you are a larger group, big family or want more space or self-catering, we can also offer our apartments – Skarsnuten Apartments.

Rooms and apartments

At Skarsnuten Hotel we have 4 different room types, 37 rooms. Single rooms, double rooms, deluxe rooms and suites. The rooms at the hotel have a view of Hemsedal one way, and the ski center the other way. All rooms have plenty of space, a desk and a large bathroom with Loccitane soaps and a Nespresso coffee machine.

If you are more, want more space or self-catering, we can offer our apartments – Skarsnuten Apartments, which are open for booking every day, all year round.

Ski Out

Hemsedal Ski Center is our closest neighbor, where you can enjoy the resort’s 48 trails, 20 lifts and several terrain parks. Skarsnuten Hotel has ski-out, with private slopes and a ski lift to the ski center right outside the hotel. The chairlift operates during weekends and holidays. (week 8,9 and 13)  There is also a free of charge ski bus several times a day, that can take you from different places in Hemsedal to Skarsnuten, and vice versa. Welcome.

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Bike Out

Hemsedal Ski Center is our closest neighbor, and in recent years there has been a large-scale investment in trail cycling. Many different trails and flow paths have been built, and more are on the way. July 2, 2021, the chairlift opens for the summer, and runs daily 10 – 16 until 15 August.

Are you the type who would rather walk around in the woods and fields without a lift? Then Hemsedal also has a lot of great trips to offer, and Skarsnuten is a good starting point. Just hit the mountains …

Bar & Restaurant

The restaurant at Skarsnuten Hotel serves all daily meals to hotel guests and other visitors. Lunch and dinner a la carte, and dishes that really fills you up after a long day in the mountains.
This summer, the restaurant will also deliver take out pizza and lunch packed lunches every day from July 1st to August 1st to hungry summer guests. To be ordered online, and picked up when it suits you.
Enjoy a meal and something good to drink. Read more about the restaurant and opening hours, and book a table via online booking by pressing the button below. Welcome.

Business & Pleasure

At Skarsnuten we are great at customizing events to make it suit you or your group.  We have 37 rooms in the hotel and 20 apartments that can be used as hotel rooms.

hemsedal ski gruppe familie

Business & Pleasure

Skarsnuten Hotel is the perfect place for your event, whether it is private or with the company. Rent all or part of the hotel, and get a tailored experience with everything you want, with our 37 hotel rooms and 20 apartments, there are many possibilities. We also have a cinema hall and meeting rooms with great views. The restaurant is of course involved in the planning, and ensures that the food and drink are also unforgettable.

If you want to fill your free time with exciting experiences, there is no problem. Tell us what you want to do, and we will arrange the arrangement for you.

Experience the view and the atmosphere at Skarsnuten.

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