Activities in Hemsedal

There is plenty to do in Hemsedal, and Skarsnuten Hotel is happy to assist you with suggestions for activities.

Enjoy Norwegian nature from our prime vantage point.

Alpine activities all year round

Whether you prefer leisurely days under the sun, adventurous mountain hikes, or something in between, Hemsedal is the ultimate destination. Each season unveils its unique mountain charm, ensuring no two days are ever the same. That’s the captivating allure of life at 1000 meters altitude.

Hemsedal boasts an array of activities to suit every preference, and at Skarsnuten Hotel, we’re delighted to offer tips and recommendations. Simply let us know your interests during your stay, and we’ll tailor your experience accordingly.

Electric bikes for rental

At Skarsnuten Hotel we have 7 brand new Scott full suspension trail bikes in different sizes – and of course they are electric! With such a bike, you can really explore Hemsedal without the hills becoming too steep, or the stretches too long. Bicycle helmet is included in the rent. Call to book, or stop by the hotel to check capacity. Enjoy Norwegian nature from the bike seat!

Rent all day NOK 695,-

Rent per (started) hour NOK 200,- 

Phone: +47 32 06 17 00

Tips for your bicycle trip...

We rent out the bikes with a helmet, but we also recommend the use of other safety equipment if you are going to use the bike in the trails in Hemsedal Ski Center, or similar places. An electric bike achieves high speed and weighs a lot, therefore one should not ride beyond capacity, to avoid injuries. Always start the trip by finding out how the different functions and modes of the bike work. And not least – remember to have fun!

Show consideration for others who travel in nature, and do not cycle in vulnerable areas such as wet terrain and other terrain where the wheels leaves traces. We recommend sticking to paths, roads, tractor roads and the like for a pleasant trip. Thank you.

Remember that you are in the mountains. Bring extra clothes, drinks (water) and a telephone with battery. Sunglasses, sunscreen and gloves are also recommended. Have a good trip!

Hemsedal - mountains with altitude...

How about enjoying the whole day in what has many times been voted Norway’s premier ski resort with fantastic skiing. The facility is designed for both those who want to go downhill or legendary off-piste driving such as Gummiskogen, Reidarskaret, Lille Matterhorn, Skånebollen, just to name a few. During the spring, Hemsedal can offer all types of top trips.

Over 250 km cross country tracks

If you dream of wonderful cross-country skiing, you have endless possibilities with over 250 km of easily accessible trails in the mountains and in the valley. For atmospheric evening trips there are floodlit circuits with tracks for both classic and skating.

Dog sledding

Run your own dog team with 5-6 friendly and happy housewives or just relax in the sled. The tour leader runs his own dog team in front and the participants’ team will follow. It is not necessary to have any experience with dog teams from before, training will be provided.

Electric bike rental

In collaboration with TRYE AS, you have the opportunity to rent an e-bike at Skarsnuten this summer. Experience the magnificent nature around the hotel in the best possible way.

We offer brand new electric full-suspension bikes from Rossignol, with a 630Wh battery and a powerful motor of 85 Nm.

With an electric bike, you can truly explore Hemsedal without the hills being too steep or the distances too long.

You pick up and return the bikes on your own at our ski rental, which allows you to cycle when it suits YOU.

Price: from NOK 900 per bike for a full day

Enjoy the Norwegian nature from the saddle of a bike!

Please feel free to contact us if you would like help with your booking. 

Tips for your bicycle trip...

We rent out the bikes with helmets, but we also recommend using other safety equipment if you’re planning to use the bike, for example, in the downhill trails at Hemsedal Ski Resort. An e-bike can reach high speeds and weighs a lot, so it’s important not to push beyond your limits to avoid injuries. Always start your journey by familiarizing yourself with the different functions and modes of the bike. And most importantly – remember to have fun!

Show consideration for others in the wilderness, and avoid cycling in sensitive areas such as marshes and other terrain where wheel tracks can leave a lasting impact. We recommend sticking to trails, roads, tractor paths, and similar routes for an enjoyable outing.
hank you very much.

Remember that you’re in the mountains. Bring extra clothing, drinks (water), and a phone with a charged battery. Sunglasses, sunscreen, and gloves are also wise to bring along. Have a great trip!

Challenging and diverse

For active cyclists, the terrain in the surrounding area offers challenges and variety suitable for all skill levels. If you’re seeking an action-packed day, Hemsedal Ski Center provides downhill trails. The eight-seater lift at Hemsedal Ski Center operates on selected days and periods during the summer as well. Additionally, in the valley, there’s a 2 km long flow trail perfect for cyclists of all ages.

Excellent fishing

There are excellent fishing in the sought-after river Heimsila, which is considered one of Scandinavia’s foremost trout rivers. The river runs through Hemsedal and is easy accessible for eager fishermen. Just remember that you need a fishing license for the zone you are in. We are happy to help you.

Top 20 in Hemsedal

20 popular summit trips in Hemsedal is chosen for this summer-program with different levels of difficulty. There are trips for all levels of skills and everyone will find a trip to their taste. Some of the trips even has Skarsnuten Hotel as a good starting point. Let the mountain spirit capture you – how many summits can you master during your stay?

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