Skarsnuten Hotell

Skarsnuten Hotell

Skarsnuten Hotel is expanding

Skarsnuten Hotel is in the process of a large-scale development. 51 new rooms, new departments for wellness and conference, and of course a large roof terrace.

We are building

There are lots of exciting things happening at Skarsnuten Hotel nowadays…

What will it contain?

First and foremost, we are now building 51 new rooms with lovely beds, beautiful views and top comfort. In addition to expanding the capacity of rooms and restaurants, we are also increasing the size of our conference facilities. Here, spacious premises with state-of-the-art technology solutions are set up for flexible use, and with many areas of use.

There will also be a fitness and wellness area with indoor and outdoor jacuzzis, as well as a number of treatment options and different zones. Of course you have a panoramic view of Hemsedal while enjoying the moment.

We must not forget the new roof terrace – with a stunning view all the way, you can almost say that this is the feeling of standing on the roof of Hemsedal … just wait for it…

Conference department

Roof terrace with an amazing view

Fitness and wellness departments

51 new hotel rooms

How will this affect my stay this summer?

There will be construction activity on Skarsnuten throughout the summer and autumn of 2021. Time is short with long winters, and we must therefore utilize the time without snow and frost. There will not be much noise from the construction site, as all foundation, excavation and cracking have been done. It is the actual construction of the hotel that is now underway.

The new part consists of a lot of concrete, and therefore we depend on a large crane. This is in front of the hotel, and together with the construction site will be visible from the windows in the restaurant. It does not make much noise, and it is quite fascinating to see how the building rises from day to day …


POB is responsible for the development.

The project started in September 2020.

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