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Skarsnuten Hotell

Catering from Skarsnuten

Now you can enjoy the food from the restaurant at Skarsnuten where you want. Order, pick up and eat!

These days, many people want to be at home, but that does not mean that you can not eat well. At Skarsnuten Hotel we offer parts of our menu as catering, and you can enjoy the food from the restaurant where it suits you best. You only need to make a small effort yourself, namely warm up, and set up the food.

Bookings should be made the day before, but it is also possible to book no later than 08.00 the same day. Pick up from 17.00. Read more about catering, and see the selection of dishes and procedures here.

If you would rather eat in the restaurant, you are most welcome, and you will find the full menu and information here

The restaurant is open every night in February

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