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Skarsnuten Hotell

Covid-19 measures

Welcome to a safe stay at Skarsnuten Hotel. We have introduced strict measures for infection control. Read more here

Welcome to Skarsnuten Hotel. We take the Covid-19 situation seriously, and have initiated a number of measures to make the hotel, restaurant and bar safe for all our guests. Updated version 14.07.21


Antibac / hand sanitizer is placed at all entrances and in common areas. In addition to increased cleaning, we disinfect contact surfaces that are particularly exposed several times a day. All employees have received good information about the virus and introduction to infection control measures. Information on infection control, distance and hygiene is available to guests in public areas.


  • In our restaurant and bar we cover up with a good distance between all tables / guests.
  • Measures such as online ordering app and disposable menus have been made to avoid infection.
  • We will remind guests to keep their distance, if necessary. Registration of all guests – we hope you take your responsibility and fill in the correct information.
  • Card payment, or other contactless payment.
  • Table service in restaurant and bar, and all self-service is removed.

The rooms are thoroughly cleaned after each guest. Cleaners follow strict guidelines to avoid cross-contamination in the rooms. Decorative pillows, bedspreads and other textiles have been temporarily removed from the rooms. (unless the rooms have a “rest period” of at least 2 days)

Meeting rooms and conference rooms are carefully cleaned and disinfected. Registration of participants is mandatory. Arrangement of sage meeting catering, and no self-service. Distance between participants and antibac / hand sanitizer available.

If you have symptoms of a respiratory infection or Covid-19, we urge you to wait to visit us until you are well. Thank you for helping us keep the infection down!

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